menopause heavy bleeding

menopause heavy bleeding . One of the symptoms of peri-menopause bleeding . menopause heavy bleeding is thought to be caused by low levels of estrogen - progesterone compared during ovulatory cycles. It can also be caused by fibroids are benign tumors in the uterus . Should be checked if it lasts more than a month or two , or more than a little heavier than usual.

Regarding changes in lifestyle to alleviate the symptoms of this exercise is said to help . In addition , you must make sure you get enough iron , and drinking plenty of fluids - menopause heavy bleeding .

menopause heavy bleeding

For alternative methods of treatment , you can try acupuncture, but there are no studies that demonstrate the benefits . Grass can be used for the treatment , especially those that act as or increasing progesterone thereof . These herbs are Vitex ( chaste tree ) , lady's mantle, flax and Wild Yam Root. Vitex has been shown in studies to be effective in normalizing hormonal cycles and increased levels of progesterone and estrogen and shrink fibroids . menopause heavy bleeding . Alchemilla is used to prevent bleeding known as flooding, Flaxseed But how flax can cause colic , so be careful. Wild Yam Root is useful because most synthetic hormone treatments are made ​​from wild yam . Homeopathic remedies are Lachesis , Sepia , belladonna, and Secale . You should consult a homeopath on homeopathic remedies.

menopause heavy bleeding . There are several options available that involve drugs or surgery . Low-dose oral contraceptives have been shown in studies to reduce blood loss by 50 percent . The IUD may be an option as it releases progesterone and is believed to work well for women with fibroids . It's as simple as ibuprofen high doses has been shown to reduce the incidence of major bleeding by 40 percent . Hormones are not a very effective option. menopause heavy bleeding .  Usually then threw fibroids and polyps , you have a progesterone like Provera to stimulate layer introductory period. Lupron is another drug that can be used - you put a temporary menopause hormones inhibiting the hypothalamus. This is usually a last option before surgery - menopause heavy bleeding .

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