thyroid menopause

thyroid menopause. Thyroid hormone is secreted by working with the human body plays a more important role is thyroid. Secret of important hormones that help the two metabolism of the body to control thyroid order. hormone thyroxine and triiodithyronine hormone. It is T3 and T4 as a chemical. T4 is a form more stable of the hormone compared to T3. Require the border of two main, absolute knowledge of hormones, to get the body's metabolism in a vertical position.

In the Insert syndrome, thyroid hormone, called hyperthyroidism due to the secretion of thyroid hormone over or stop working, and as a result, if you start the thyroid. Other syndromes are included is less appropriate value hypothyroidism hormone glands secret. Two cases is a thyroid dysfunction - thyroid menopause .

The thyroid gland, to be the home of the endocrine system, unfortunately, changes in thyroid activity, may be important to participate in the activities of all tumors other.

The thyroid menopause , I have a direct activity of the thyroid gland. However, in contrast, does not apply. Having several types of thyroid disease in the secretion of thyroid menopause hormones and the job is started, the thyroid menopause. This imbalance can cause hyperthyroidism and T hypothyroidism and hormone levels. However, the symptoms are very similar and thyroid menopause imbalance of thyroid hormone severe. Please do not confuse one for the other. However, it is possible to distinguish between the induction rapidly the two are occurring is difficult. Before taking medication menopausal problems, it is always best to conduct tests of thyroid hormones.

thyroid menopause. Is that the relationship between the two is that they can be imbalance in the level of estrogen and progesterone menopause, hormone, to convert the dramatic part of the production of thyroid hormone in. The study also, I have shown that 30-40% of women or more suffer from an imbalance of thyroid hormone in the pre-menopause.

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