menopause and migraines

menopause and migraines. Often, when women approach menopause, migraine, expects headaches disappear. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. While nearly 70% of women see an improvement in their menopause and migraines, no change or even worse, for a total of 30%.

What may be important is a new beginning of a headache after fifty years. This should be taken seriously, because there are some conditions that can lead to stroke. If the headache is new, then the doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

There are two reasons why menopause and migraines improve with menopause. First is the obvious one is less estrogen. This is the union and non-union of estrogen in the brain, causing headaches, or if severe. With all recipients of the lack of estrogen after menopause, headaches are much less severe. The second reason for improved migraine after menopause is related to age. With the aging of the brain, improve headache.

menopause and migraines . Researchers are not sure why headaches improve with age. Some theories revolve around less stress with age, the kids are older and may be out of the house. Improving profitability in general, how people approach their expense fifty then lower.

menopause and migraines treatment after menopause varies only slightly from the front of a migraine. Lifestyle plays an important role, and sleep and regular exercise can reduce headache. Many doctors are afraid to triptans older patients. Generally, if someone is not heart disease or uncontrolled high blood pressure, and use this medication for menopause and migraines patients over 50 years should be no problem. A small percentage of women after menopause and worsening headache can be treated for a time with daily treatment, such as anti-epileptic drugs.

For most women, menopause can be a year of freedom relentless menopause and migraines pain. For the few who do not receive this benefit through menopause have new treatments for migraine this time in your life has become easier than previous generations.

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