Average Menopause Age

Traditionally, the average menopause age in women aged 50 and 60, finally, perimenopause and menopause (defined as were 12 consecutive months with no period), when about 60 years, give or take a couple of years.

In recent years, however, the average menopause age is getting younger. Now it is very normal for women of 40 years of perimenopause and menopause in the 50s in power. Although it has made the beginning of what has become even more alarming is that women can be as early as 35 perimenopause, menopausing after previous trends that women can participate. Moreover, it seems that the perimenopause fired newer, more is needed, which is terrible for women.

Doctors have been noticing these trends, and wondered why the average menopause age appears to be younger through generations. Why is the average menopause age change? At present, doctors suspect that leadership style increasingly stressful lives of women, and the sudden influx of unhealthy foods for women. Also the trigger unhealthy habits like excessive alcohol and caffeine can be the body of women to believe that they are "more" than they really are. This is worrying, since the change of all ages have specific health consequences for women, and these consequences can be serious - average menopause age .

average menopause age , First, it means that the first onset of perimenopause previous hormonal imbalances in the body of a woman. This may complicate the female reproductive system and can be one of the reasons why a growing number of women hysterectomy. It also increases the chances of an unwanted pregnancy, or pregnancy, when children are more likely to prenatal problems.

Second, the imbalance can be caused by hormones perimenopause great concern in the life of a woman, especially if. Even in the 30s, and is expected to be very active at work and at home Some women combine the stress of life and symptoms of perimenopause for the growing number of women who are diagnosed with mental health problems such as depression or bipolar. Although it is possible that some of aggravated by hormonal changes during menopause and after which can disturb the psychological symptoms, there is a clear relationship between the two, although the correlation is a stand out average menopause age .

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