Hypertension and Menopause

With the development of Hypertension and Menopause , women are more vulnerable to risks of developing hypertension.
Although men and women tend to develop this condition, the prevalence is significantly lower in women than in men and fifty years, where this ratio is reversed dramatically.
About 60% women are increased blood pressure levels during Hypertension and Menopause .

   To help resolve this issue, was launched a few months ago, a new therapeutic option once daily and much simpler than existing hypertension treatments for the patient, significantly improving adherence to therapy this by providing 24 hours of protection, more antihypertensive potency and fewer side effects Hypertension and Menopause .

   This novel therapy is a revolutionary combination of telmisartan and amlodipine, which seeks to mitigate this evil in Chile affects 26.9% of the population over 15 years Hypertension and Menopause .

  Hypertension and Menopause In our country, the average age at which women have menopause is 49 years. Whereas the current life expectancy is greater than 75 years, women spend more than one third of his life in climacteric. "For those women who suffer from hypertension during menopause, it is essential to fully live this phase of their lives, so it is necessary to single therapy without adverse effects that allows women to control their Hypertension and Menopause without making them feel who are sick, "said Dr. Raul Villar, a specialist in Internal Medicine and General Secretary of the Pan American College endothelium.

   Dr. Villar, also explains that "with the onset of Hypertension and Menopause estrogens decreases in the body, which implies a loss of vascular tone and increased salt sensitivity. But there are other factors related to sedentary lifestyle, excess weight and unhealthy eating, not to mention certain hereditary and psychological factors such as anxiety that some women have to deal with Hypertension and Menopause . "

   For the World Health Organization, the mismanagement of hypertension is the main risk of mortality worldwide. Treatment intolerance and noncompliance are common problems to achieve effective control of blood pressure. Proper treatment of hypertension reduces cardiovascular risk to normal levels.

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