Menopause Swollen Breasts

Menopause Swollen Breasts ,Breast painful swelling or vice versa, drop appearance ... are some of the symptoms and changes that may occur in the breasts during menopause , Menopause Swollen Breasts .

Menopause Swollen Breasts . Note that now the estrogen levels begin to decrease, less ovaries, delayed menses, decreased reproductive function of your body and therefore also of your breasts. It is normal that when going through the whole

process of menopause your breasts feel a drop of previous force, biologically and do not have to breastfeed. And this, although not a problem but a matter of aesthetics, many women give much importance and come to feel depressed or disillusioned. Creams, fasteners, plastic surgery or good posture will make breasts look more lifted, Menopause Swollen Breasts .

Regarding painful breasts during menopause. You walk into an age when you should get medical checkups. And the breast pain has nothing to do with menopause usually, unlike ... But by age, see a doctor for regular check and monitoring, especially if you have frequent or constant pain, unexplained, or a hard mass inside the breast, we must also bear in mind that the type of breast cancer does not have to show any pain. Therefore it is recommended mammograms from age 40 once every two years.

In men something similar happens in the prostate and the test is less worthy than a mammogram Menopause Swollen Breasts .

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