endometriosis and menopause

endometriosis and menopause . Not many women say they hope that when you start menopause and begin to treat symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings. However, for those who suffer from endometriosis and menopause thought to bring a smile of welcome. So why do these women have a very positive view of endometriosis and menopause ?

Did you know that when women reach menopause, tend to stop experiencing the symptoms of pain and often debilitating endometriosis and menopause ?

Symptoms of endometriosis and menopause can still evident after puberty. In other words, menstruation, women are more at risk of developing endometriosis.

Therefore, women are less likely to feel the painful effects of endometriosis, if they are in the menopausal years.

This version has many women accept and even entering the onset of menopause, to relieve pain associated with endometriosis and menopause .

But it is not so easy, because it has been shown that menopause is not responsible for the elimination of all symptoms of endometriosis. But more on that in a moment.

To understand why menopausal women to help overcome the symptoms of endometriosis, it helps to understand the nature of endometriosis.

The exact cause of the disease has not been determined, but the reasons for the symptoms of endometriosis even developed seems pretty clear.

The uterus contains endometrial tissue, estrogen levels in the blood are directly affected.

Each month, estrogen levels begin to rise and glands of the endometriosis and menopause , large amounts of tissue to thicken the wall layer in preparation for pregnancy. If pregnancy does not occur the lower levels of estrogen and time.

The problems start when the glands found in other parts of the body such as the kidneys, ovaries, bladder, bowel, abdominal wall, and the areas between them.

These deposits react in the same way that the line pass rush swelling and bleeding. However, it is generally not the blood and dirt to go, and this is what causes the symptoms of endometriosis, including pain unbearable.

menopause and migraines

menopause and migraines. Often, when women approach menopause, migraine, expects headaches disappear. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. While nearly 70% of women see an improvement in their menopause and migraines, no change or even worse, for a total of 30%.

What may be important is a new beginning of a headache after fifty years. This should be taken seriously, because there are some conditions that can lead to stroke. If the headache is new, then the doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

There are two reasons why menopause and migraines improve with menopause. First is the obvious one is less estrogen. This is the union and non-union of estrogen in the brain, causing headaches, or if severe. With all recipients of the lack of estrogen after menopause, headaches are much less severe. The second reason for improved migraine after menopause is related to age. With the aging of the brain, improve headache.

menopause and migraines . Researchers are not sure why headaches improve with age. Some theories revolve around less stress with age, the kids are older and may be out of the house. Improving profitability in general, how people approach their expense fifty then lower.

menopause and migraines treatment after menopause varies only slightly from the front of a migraine. Lifestyle plays an important role, and sleep and regular exercise can reduce headache. Many doctors are afraid to triptans older patients. Generally, if someone is not heart disease or uncontrolled high blood pressure, and use this medication for menopause and migraines patients over 50 years should be no problem. A small percentage of women after menopause and worsening headache can be treated for a time with daily treatment, such as anti-epileptic drugs.

For most women, menopause can be a year of freedom relentless menopause and migraines pain. For the few who do not receive this benefit through menopause have new treatments for migraine this time in your life has become easier than previous generations.

menopause sweating

menopause sweating. Night sweats and hot flashes are probably the most disturbing of all the symptoms of menopause sweating , women have to go through. There are different ways to set them free, but some of these methods work better than others.

The area of the brain controls the body heat activates lowering mechanism. Dilate blood vessels to increase the heart rate and menopause sweating glands open to the generation of heat and cold. In case of illness, the symptoms often begin headaches and chills. Most sweats Menopause beginning of transpiration face, redness, burning and undearms and groin. Symptoms of menopause sweating are different, that the brain is "fooled" thinking that the body is too hot. It is like an internal burner radiates heat throughout the body. This leads to a huge wave of heat and sweat is absorbed immediately, and heartbeat. Other symptoms include dizziness, nausea, headache, weakness, red or blotchy skin, tingling, discomfort and anxiety. Sweating may take a few minutes to half an hour.

menopause sweating means to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to restore the hormonal balance in the body. They consist of a healthy diet, supplementation sensible, stress management and rehabilitation of some hormonów.Zrównoważona diet is specific for each person. It is important to learn how to establish a healthy diet, the basics of proper nutrition, or work with your doctor. Some substances are known triggers for night sweats and sugar, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, obesity. Sensitivity to certain foods, such as peppers, hot spices are also triggers. Additional diet quality multivitamin. Many women need more iron, in particular through child-bearing age. It makes sense to look for supplements, hormonal and immune support - menopause sweating  .

dizziness in menopause

dizziness in menopause. Unfortunately during menopause, the explosive symptom of dizziness in menopause is very common. You know the feeling - the feeling of movement inside of the ribs down with the rest of the body can not be at peace. Or the inability to get up quickly not unlike the feeling you get when you just jump on a roller coaster. In extreme cases, it can feel like you're on the receiving end of a knockout blow to the head.

Far menopause, dizziness in menopause on a variety of factors can be attributed - especially variations:

1 Blood Pressure

2 low blood sugar

3 Viral infections

When it comes to menopause, anxiety and hyperventilation, headaches, panic attacks and everything can lead to debilitating attacks of vertigo. Some women experience this symptom to become agoraphobic, and to leave the house for fear of weakness and dizziness in menopause .

First, the levels of estrogen and progesterone fall, and this is one of the first things that should be evaluated by a doctor before having to do something different. Estrogen affects the nerves as well and not producing enough, can make you feel as "unavailable" on the edges.

Progesterone is produced in the brain, and serotonin, and this hormone is absent, the ability to calm may be affected. And, if there is enough estrogen to the brain, lead dizziness in menopause and other related feelings provided.

Tinnitus, a symptom of menopause infamous can also contribute to dizziness in menopause . The constant hum, noise can confuse and ears singing. Combine this with other symptoms such as headaches, hot flashes, night sweats and panic attacks, and has a formula for being unbalanced.

Women who suffer from panic or anxiety attacks during menopause are more prone to hyperventilation and rapid breathing can easily cause dizziness in menopause , lightheadedness, or fainting.

breast soreness menopause

breast soreness menopause . Do not sleep well at night. Why? Because you're stressed, you have hot flashes and night sweats. But do not worry. The worst part of the night is the tightness you feel in your chest, like fall at any time.

Mastalgia (the medical term for chest pain), it is a common topic, even for doctors. But most women experience chest pain not only feel the pain but psychologically, I'm just scared. No woman wants to think also of the disease, but when you hear a huge pain in the chest, they immediately think of breast cancer. Studies have shown that often the menopausal woman who is experiencing chest pain. So this is just a symptom of pre-menopause and perimenopause.

breast soreness menopause, Guess what is the most common cause of chest pain for menopause? You guessed it: female hormone imbalance. If you feel a bit 'of tenderness, is a sign that you have excess estrogen - just like what happens to you before / during / after the menstrual cycle.

There are other factors that can contribute to pain in the chest, but these are less common causes: stress, too much alcohol in your system, breast size, prior breast surgery, cysts, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) use birth control pills, antidepressants and cholesterol, and hearts - breast soreness menopause .

What would you do if you if you do not take the pain and the worry? Well, you better talk to your doctor. Ask him a few tests just to rule out any type of disease as a cause of cancer. If you have more than 35 years, schedule a mammogram. It is necessary when your breasts are less tender.

If you are under 35 years of age or who have a mammogram for an ultrasound, because they are being asked to reveal cysts. Normally, I know exactly what you have - whether benign or a cyst but with normal tissues - is a relief and takes away some of the tension I felt.

So, if you delete a debilitating disease for the pain, then how do you manage the pain in my chest? You can ask your doctor for medicine to relieve the pain. But nowadays, some doctors encourage the use of alternative medicine - breast soreness menopause.

breast soreness menopause. Try to take a little 'time out of your day to day life also. Try to cut out the coffee, how it works in some women. Check your salt intake too, and eat dark green leafy vegetables for fiber intake and detoxification. Try using a support bra during exercise (yes, you have to exercise) and sleeping. Take multivitamins, and reduce alcohol and caffeine.

menopause bleeding heavy

menopause bleeding heavy. Peri-menopause is a symptom of a bleeding. Heavy bleeding with low estrogen progesterone ratio considered during anovulatory cycles. You can also have fibroids, benign tumors of the uterus by the discovery. It takes more than looking for a month or two, or more than a little heavier than usual.

menopause bleeding heavy, Changes in lifestyle to reduce the symptoms of exercise, which helped. Also, be sure to drink plenty of fluids to do with iron.

Acupuncture treatment alternatives can be tried, but studies show that good. Treatment plants, especially such as progesterone as an increase in the level of work or may be used. These vegetables VITEX (chaste tree), Lady mantle and flaxseed are yam root. menopause bleeding heavy . Vitex studies to be effective normalization of hormonal cycles and increased levels of progesterone and estrogen, and reduce fibroids. Lady's mantle is used to identify flood control heavy bleeding, cramping as flaxseed and flaxseed, so be careful. Support Wild Yam Wild Yam Root became artificial hormone treatment. Homeopathic remedies Lachesis, Sepia, Belladonna and Secale. Homeopathic medicines a homeopath, you should seek advice.

There are several options available, including medications or surgery. Low dose oral contraceptives studies show a 50 percent reduction in blood loss. This may be an option due to IUD releases progesterone in women with fibroids are thought to function properly. menopausebleedingheavy  .  Is displayed high doses to reduce the likelihood of hemorrhage in 40 percent something as simple as ibuprofen. Hormone is not an efficient option. Once the king of fibroids and polyps, often outside, progesterone as evidence a good time to encourage your liner will. Lupron can be used as a drug - a temporary inhibition of menopausal hormone is hypothalamus. Therefore, before the operation, is the last option - menopause bleeding heavy .

Sometimes, severe bleeding, D & C, also known as dilation and curettage can take. Some endometrial ablation is a surgical option. This process 50 percent of women never have newer. As a last resort, you can see a hysterectomy. This operation is an important decision to take a bit, yes. Carefully the risks and benefits should be taken into account by all, including the decision to remove the ovaries. The removal of the uterus is often enough to stop the bleeding, so if you want instant access to early menopause, you may want to save - most women enter menopause two years after being removed from the uterus - menopause bleeding heavy .

spotting during menopause

spotting during menopause. most of these women you read this and know what menopause is stained. If no, a little blood archetype appears at the time.

Only the best underwear or hassle when you are wet, do not, repeat not The experience of pleasure, but it is the answer to all of us down. At the time of writing this, I will be testing of the reserve, but I do not The 'Show' and for two weeks, I dare to plan, if I About bleeding days.

spotting during menopause is one of menopause, is certainly setting and, on others can grow and protect health. It is also one of the first women when menopause begins. Uneven time or steady the same flag.

spotting during menopause, If you live in an age when menopause begins - age of 51 years - it may be time or your steady. However, for some women, menopause begins in thirty and young, it may come as a surprise when they start to see signs of bleeding during that time and for a sleepless night before consultation discuss final Specialist treatment.

Worth paying to see your doctor if you have bleeding between periods that , a test for the onset of menopause or if they start it. The test is easy to implement and test FSH (follicle hormones points), which, if so If you want menopause can make you suspect that you check to confirm suspicious of them - spotting during menopause  .

Even during my steady or 50 when I called, I I do not know how to place limits may vary in color and texture . Bright red to brown and everything else. But the wonderful and all "Change" - spotting during menopause .

In addition, the archetype may be normal for some women before, while others others - like me - with no warning at all, and soon its time. No time for a few months and then for a time Not next month, before most of the next month.

spotting during menopause  is irregular hormone production is annoying Production will cease production why. And, Sorry, hormone levels fluctuate during the next ten to fifteen years, so it may not be Summary will be something new at all!

thyroid menopause

thyroid menopause. Thyroid hormone is secreted by working with the human body plays a more important role is thyroid. Secret of important hormones that help the two metabolism of the body to control thyroid order. hormone thyroxine and triiodithyronine hormone. It is T3 and T4 as a chemical. T4 is a form more stable of the hormone compared to T3. Require the border of two main, absolute knowledge of hormones, to get the body's metabolism in a vertical position.

In the Insert syndrome, thyroid hormone, called hyperthyroidism due to the secretion of thyroid hormone over or stop working, and as a result, if you start the thyroid. Other syndromes are included is less appropriate value hypothyroidism hormone glands secret. Two cases is a thyroid dysfunction - thyroid menopause .

The thyroid gland, to be the home of the endocrine system, unfortunately, changes in thyroid activity, may be important to participate in the activities of all tumors other.

The thyroid menopause , I have a direct activity of the thyroid gland. However, in contrast, does not apply. Having several types of thyroid disease in the secretion of thyroid menopause hormones and the job is started, the thyroid menopause. This imbalance can cause hyperthyroidism and T hypothyroidism and hormone levels. However, the symptoms are very similar and thyroid menopause imbalance of thyroid hormone severe. Please do not confuse one for the other. However, it is possible to distinguish between the induction rapidly the two are occurring is difficult. Before taking medication menopausal problems, it is always best to conduct tests of thyroid hormones.

thyroid menopause. Is that the relationship between the two is that they can be imbalance in the level of estrogen and progesterone menopause, hormone, to convert the dramatic part of the production of thyroid hormone in. The study also, I have shown that 30-40% of women or more suffer from an imbalance of thyroid hormone in the pre-menopause.

bleeding during menopause

bleeding during menopause from the vagina or uterus is often confused with the beginning or infrequent menstrual cycle. This type of bleeding can come from a number of health problems, especially for abnormal levels of hormones and fears of the uterus, ovaries or vagina. Spotting is in fact a small amount of blood, which occasionally. The blood comes from the uterus or vagina and can be pink, brown or red. Some of the health problems of signals, but it is also associated with menstruation. In this case, the only spots "old blood." bleeding during menopause .

Facts of bleeding during menopause

Blood flow in the stadium until menopause is a normal process, in most cases, but it may cause problems for some. Perimenopause is the transition period from 7:58 years until menopause. Meanwhile, will next period, although it can change the volume, time and length. Perimenopause is also known as menopause, this phase lasts until a year ago at the end of the menstrual cycle, as you can tell by entering menopause. Irregular bleeding during menopause and spotting are a normal part of menopause due to declining estrogen levels, which are responsible for normal menstrual function. Any bleeding during menopause is considered abnormal until tested.

Causes of bleeding during menopause

Abnormal bleeding during menopause may signal health problems such as abnormal bleeding from the uterus. (Abnormal uterine bleeding (DUB) from Medline Plus is abnormal bleeding from the vagina that are not defined for physical reasons. Too according to Medline Plus, it affected 40 percent of women over 40 and 20 percent of young people. This bleeding during menopause in women of childbearing age, which includes women who have entered menopause (menopause transition.) Other health problems are benign polyps, endometriosis, uterine and ovarian cysts. bleeding during menopause can also occur after reports of the effects of vaginal dryness due to low estrogen levels.

menopause herb

menopause herb . There were some questions about hormone replacement therapy? Are you looking for natural ways to relieve the symptoms of menopause? The herbs are useful in reducing the symptoms of menopause

Due to the growing debate about the dangerous side effects of hormone replacement therapy, more and more women are natural alternatives to HRT. Developed various herbs for menopausal symptoms in different parts of the world. Extensive studies have found that soy is by far the more natural remedies in position for the symptoms of menopause. However, many natural remedies for menopause treatments are available today. Some of them are menopause herb :

Black Cohosh - menopause herb

This is traditionally known as the herb of menopause reduce the occurrence of cramps, muscle aches, hot flashes, memory loss and mood swings of the uterus. Levels also said that lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Clean wood and Chasteberry

They are usually herbs for menopause hormonal plans known. Consequently, reducing the balance of hormones and the risk of depression during menopause.


This is especially antidepressants and means sexual problems. It is advisable not to do this often, because it can damage the lining of the urinary tract.

Sage - menopause herb

This plant, in particular, and many other medicinal properties in order to be an effective treatment for menopausal hot flashes and night sweats.

Dong Quai menopause herb

Chinese traditions, women dysmenorrhea and helps abdominal pain. It is also an effective treatment for anemia and support a cure for the symptoms of menopause.

Red Clover menopause herb

This herb as a "panacea", the symptoms of menopause is known, as it is called, is the most important source of plant estrogens phytoestrogens. These plant estrogens act as the female hormone in the body and helps to increase estrogen levels. Wild Yam - menopause herb .

menopause soy

menopause soy. There is a wealth of information on the Internet is the best menopause soy . And, yes, women's menopausal hormones that control the rich help the fact that soy can be found in the aisophlavonlu.

A number of menopause is associated with a negative connotation. Women have a child who has lost the ability to have a moment of life, it is, just ask.

If all women to take it up as a doctor. No, at this time, you can change other physical and mental symptoms, and over the years the number of women go through.

Hot flashes are symptoms such as mood swings, headaches, the brutal treatment of women is difficult. Hormones - including her happy, I realized that the only way to help you, Dr. synthetic estrogen.

However, HRT and cancer heart problems, as has been associated with various health-risk students. menopause soy are the best alternative to natural menopause, many women are turning.

However, soy is very strong, if not enough of the drug? menopause soy .

To reduce the influence of various hormones similar to natural estrogen for menopause drugs is a major component of soy aisophlavonlu.

Indeed, where an isoflavone, a source of red clover better than soybean. This perennial plant of four kinds of soy aisophlavonlu the only two.

menopause soy. Red clover is the best natural supplements for menopause is one of the most important raw material. This organization has the opportunity to realize immediate aisophlavonlu red clover. This is important in women vitamins and minerals, depression or postmenopausal hot flushes can be very useful.

To get the plants, the best way to appreciate the natural menopause soy , and purchased more reliable supplier.

Active means a more than 5% to 90% of energy extraction. It is important for producers to buy the entire drug GMP standards and that the content meets the requirements - menopause soy.

Itching and menopaus

Itching and menopause . Complicated grief the first thing that comes to mind at the start of menopause. Hot flashes and night sweats with various mood swings and depression to others for itchy skin, all the negative effects can not wait.

The main reason for dry skin itch when it loses its elasticity and becomes solid. This is because they cause the cells collected on the surface of itching and menopause . Cell death due to fungal or bacterial infection, or both scratches.

Dehydration is a major issue that leads to itching, and is also associated with menopause. This is due to the lack of moisture in dry skin, scaling only. Lack of vitamin C, A and E and AHA enriched with various cosmetics market. Choose the better deal just application of castor oil is softer, and guaranteed results also show that.

itching and menopause . Active internal dehydration with six to eight glasses of water use. Some important things to food. Inadequate intake or group of vegetables and dried fruits with vitamin B do not get enough to get worse during menopause the body. Smoking or add fuel, increase toxins in the body which leads to scratching.

Vaginal dryness and itching and menopause that require immediate attention. But you should check for themselves and began treating physician not assumptions - itching and menopause .

Night Sweats Menopause

Night sweats menopause . The most common symptoms of menopause, night sweats, and of course, miserable very uncomfortable, can have a harmful effect on the health and well-being of women. For night sweats menopause patients, the next day, it's hard to let it are tired lethargic, you will find, have a good night's sleep. Menopause-related night sweats you, but what is it and should not be over-emphasized.

Menopause touchy subject for most women, can be a stressful time and intrusion in their lives. The onset of sleep hyperhidrosis are some women awaken the extreme looks of the night, discovered in his bed is soaked your excessive sweating.

There are some things that you need. For night sweats menopause , which can be so easy to do, but it is very effective to deal with you First, make sure that it is cool to be able to resist you because it is your sleeping environment. If you. Sweating, get immediate relief in order to rise again, it is advisable to keep a small fan next to his bed Silent, to promote deeper sleep in a dark room, it is recommended that irritants such as caffeine and alcohol such as spicy foods, and how to completely avoid the trigger.

When he wakes up, in order to prevent sweat dehydration of minced cold water - glass on its side of the table carry out all night - night sweats menopause .

night sweats menopause. You may not be able to prevent night sweats menopause is a direct result of the hormonal changes in the body, but can be used to help reduce the severity of the weld to increase your dream, others is a factor. They will try to avoid stress and anxiety a huge impact on all kinds of health problems. At some point before going to bed with a fun or spending relaxed. night sweats menopause . I try to keep things in perspective and calm. Positive thinking can do so can have a physical advantage in order, do wonders for your heart condition. I say to you that you can handle a day of sweating at night, they stop - night sweats menopause .

Fatigue Menopause

Fatigue menopause. Fatigue is a symptom that is often overlooked in our busy lives. Usually pumped with caffeine and sugar for the day. It is not uncommon to go days and weeks without proper food and rest our bodies crave. Follow the terms used and work faster and harder always promised that tomorrow will be slow to recover. For many women, today only occurs when the body is ill or sick.

Another is the story of the symptoms of fatigue menopause for most women, it is likely to occur during this period of your life. In fact, it is very common to suffer from fatigue the most for menopausal menopause, some women while aware of the fatigue menopause of mild only, others need to be next to their eyes closed it There is, you reported that the bad so that you can not move for a long time.

The fatigue menopause , mixing with chronic fatigue syndrome, signal in the brain, including nausea, fatigue, and loss of power after exercise, diagnosis available in a variety of ways for a woman of few more as often accompanied such as psychological problems chronic cough like this is possible, night sweats and chills, confusion, chest pain, shortness of breath, jaw pain, and shortness of breath, loss or gain, the number of other symptoms - fatigue menopause .

Menopause after hysterectomy

Menopause after hysterectomy can have some disastrous consequences impact, to woman, especially if it is not conditioned mentally early symptoms of menopause.

In essence, the work of these two women emotionally, especially if they have children still recommended. I can not have children feeling is bad enough, but then there are hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, depression, and no one can prove the value of other symptoms.

menopause after hysterectomy

There must be some reason for menopause after hysterectomy is unacceptable serious medical conditions, family history, uterus, and can not manage the problem by medication during treatment.

Both parts or all of the process. Part of the process involves removal of the uterus, cervix and not involved in the process to eliminate both. In the meantime, the ovaries are removed.


Keep left ovary menopause after hysterectomy is one of the most complex problems until the normal age of menopause due to ovarian production routine, you might encounter symptoms menopausal women. This is a daunting prospect, you can still see the hormonal fluctuations can cause menstrual activity, but during.

Then again, the complete removal of the ovaries reduces the ovaries produce naturally, and makes the symptoms of early menopause. This can only happen in a few days after the operation - menopause after hysterectomy .

menopause dryness

menopause dryness. Menopause is uncomfortably dry, and can put a serious obstacle not only your sex life but also your comfort level with your body. Although vaginal menopause dryness can occur in women of all ages, vaginal menopause dryness is the most common type. This type of drying is caused by decreasing estrogen in the body. When estrogen levels decrease, the vaginal wall becomes thinner and harder, causing discomfort and dryness.

You can overcome vaginal dryness, but with a natural remedy. While you should practice a lifestyle that helps to relieve the symptoms of menopause, black cohosh vaginal dryness probably the most effective natural remedies. In combination with a healthy diet rich in phytoestrogens and care of your body - it is to avoid soaps and body washes and use lubrication when needed - black cohosh may help treat vaginal dryness and other symptoms of menopause - menopause dryness .

menopause dryness. In fact, it's one of the hardest things about black cohosh. Scientists and herbal remedies, as it interacts with the body in a manner similar to phytoestrogens that can effectively bind to estrogen receptors, such as hormone true. But now we know that black cohosh does not affect the body of a hormonal basis. Although no hormonal effects, which proved to be a good remedy for common menopause symptoms such as vaginal dryness, many women .

menopause headache

Menopause headache . "Change of life" or menopause can be a very difficult time in the life of women. This marks the end of reproductive age and can cause problems depression prevalence for some women and also physical problems as well. One of the problems is the puzzle of menopause, which can be as frustrating as bad migraines several times a week. Although the exact cause of menopause headache can be, in each case, the result will occur or, in the change in hormone levels in the body.

Relief may be in different forms and can treat women differently. A woman can look good in court as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, while others are excluded. menopause headache.  If you try and remove the pain, you should work with your doctor to find something that medicine. Sometimes, it may be necessary for health remedies, while others may need hormone replacement therapy to help balance the hormones in the body.

menopause headache, Some other therapies including Yoga, meditation and exercise. Some women also feel Relief aromatherapy and homeopathy. Other natural remedies Relief. Treatment What is the best way to avoid child. With menopause, your doctor may change from day to day. This is why it is "the change of life." Change experiences, some good, some not. But your body is a wonderful machine designed to cure. Keep a good attitude and work problems, and you will know a good outcome - menopause headache.

Average Menopause Age

Traditionally, the average menopause age in women aged 50 and 60, finally, perimenopause and menopause (defined as were 12 consecutive months with no period), when about 60 years, give or take a couple of years.

In recent years, however, the average menopause age is getting younger. Now it is very normal for women of 40 years of perimenopause and menopause in the 50s in power. Although it has made the beginning of what has become even more alarming is that women can be as early as 35 perimenopause, menopausing after previous trends that women can participate. Moreover, it seems that the perimenopause fired newer, more is needed, which is terrible for women.

Doctors have been noticing these trends, and wondered why the average menopause age appears to be younger through generations. Why is the average menopause age change? At present, doctors suspect that leadership style increasingly stressful lives of women, and the sudden influx of unhealthy foods for women. Also the trigger unhealthy habits like excessive alcohol and caffeine can be the body of women to believe that they are "more" than they really are. This is worrying, since the change of all ages have specific health consequences for women, and these consequences can be serious - average menopause age .

average menopause age , First, it means that the first onset of perimenopause previous hormonal imbalances in the body of a woman. This may complicate the female reproductive system and can be one of the reasons why a growing number of women hysterectomy. It also increases the chances of an unwanted pregnancy, or pregnancy, when children are more likely to prenatal problems.

Second, the imbalance can be caused by hormones perimenopause great concern in the life of a woman, especially if. Even in the 30s, and is expected to be very active at work and at home Some women combine the stress of life and symptoms of perimenopause for the growing number of women who are diagnosed with mental health problems such as depression or bipolar. Although it is possible that some of aggravated by hormonal changes during menopause and after which can disturb the psychological symptoms, there is a clear relationship between the two, although the correlation is a stand out average menopause age .

Symptom Menopause

Symptom menopause . Menopause is an integral part of women's lives, can not avoid the consequences of any girl in the end. It is one step in a long process of reproductive aging degenerative starts almost in silence, at the age of 40 years or more. Declining levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone cause various changes can lead to menopause.

The symptom menopause varies from woman to woman, changing hormone levels can have a variety of symptom menopause that can last from a few months to a few years or longer the case. Some women find that the worst is yet some others feel less well with him. One of the major changes that occur during the onset of menopause visible change in the appearance of periods. Many women experience less regular intervals, some are lighter than the normal menstrual cycle, while others overlook the heavier flow and may bleed a lot for many days. Periods occur within 3 weeks apart, or more than a week. There may be some spotting between periods. Typically, women who have had previous problems with heavy menstrual bleeding and cramping are evident relief from these symptom menopause when menopause begins.

Another important symptom menopause is repeated episode of "heat waves", a sudden feeling of heat in the upper part or the whole body of the girl. Redness of the face and neck above. Flashes can be as mild as a light blush or sudden strong enough to wake you from a sound sleep (night sweats). More flash usually last between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. The most common causes of observable effects of red spots all over the body.

The symptom menopause are also considerable changes in the genital area and the bubble behavior. Since the change in estrogen levels, the genital area can be thinner and drier. The resulting dry makes the ratio more painful. Urinary tract infections and vaginal infections are very common during this period. Other problems can make it hard to hold urine long enough to even go to the bathroom. The loss of urine that occurs during exercise, sneezing, coughing, laughing or running.

symptom menopause . Sexual behavior undergoes major changes during menopause. Some women find that their feelings about sex change significantly with menopause. Some changes in the vagina, such as drought hit, which makes the relationship very painful. Others feel freer and sexier after menopause - happy that pregnancy is a real concern now.
Sleep disorders are more common during menopause. Some women find it very difficult to sleep at night, unable to fall asleep easily or may wake too early. After waking from sleep, they can find to go to sleep. Hot flashes can also wake up very easily.

One of the most common changes of menopause mood swings. This can cause a significant change in the way out due to stress, family changes such as children, the house, or tired. Depression is not always the case as symptom menopause .

Substantial changes in the characteristics of the body is another symptom menopause. Some women find that their bodies change around the time of menopause. Women tend to be fat and skin tends to be thinner. Memory errors do not happen very often. Some women feel acute pain and muscle stiffness during menopause. Regular exercise will help to overcome many of these problems. Menopause is irreversible and is a gift of nature, must fully recognize and change your lifestyle according to the situation - symptom menopause .

Spotting Menopause

You have all the spotting menopause, mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss, loss of libido, weight gain, and every time you think, "Wow, I'm really in menopause" and presto, you have a period of several months, there is no time for anything. Maybe there is something wrong, or maybe this is normal, but the bottom line is that you want to see a woman, bleeding after menopause, because the evidence is generally positive they will start counting the days until they are officially launched menopause - spotting menopause.

Bleeding after menopause is very common and usually no reason to worry too much if this happens. In most cases, the bleeding caused by a hormonal imbalance, what happens in the body, even if it will help keep your hormone levels occur while taking HRT and natural supplements. spotting menopause . The bottom line is that your body is changing, and some spots or even a full blown period is perfectly natural during this period. It can be frustrating, especially if you've spent several months without a period, but there is no reason, in general, annoyed with this common phenomenon - spotting menopause .

Spotting menopause. However, if you notice any bleeding after menopause and that was more than four months since your last period, then you should consult your doctor as soon as possible (you should consult your doctor, regardless of the time between periods, but then four months, may indicate a more serious health problem). If you take HRT and your body also produces estrogen, which could endanger their health in the future because of the flood of estrogen in the body. spotting menopause - It could also be an indicator of false menopause and your doctor may need other medical problems that made their time in the first place could not see.

Spotting menopause. Although there are many reasons why you may have bleeding after menopause is the most common cause hormonal imbalance that can be corrected with a change in regular medication, if it comes to using natural remedies and HRT. A visit to your doctor is always a good idea in these cases to ensure that you are in better health, and it will not happen for that reason - spotting menopause.