Menopause after hysterectomy

Menopause after hysterectomy can have some disastrous consequences impact, to woman, especially if it is not conditioned mentally early symptoms of menopause.

In essence, the work of these two women emotionally, especially if they have children still recommended. I can not have children feeling is bad enough, but then there are hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, depression, and no one can prove the value of other symptoms.

menopause after hysterectomy

There must be some reason for menopause after hysterectomy is unacceptable serious medical conditions, family history, uterus, and can not manage the problem by medication during treatment.

Both parts or all of the process. Part of the process involves removal of the uterus, cervix and not involved in the process to eliminate both. In the meantime, the ovaries are removed.


Keep left ovary menopause after hysterectomy is one of the most complex problems until the normal age of menopause due to ovarian production routine, you might encounter symptoms menopausal women. This is a daunting prospect, you can still see the hormonal fluctuations can cause menstrual activity, but during.

Then again, the complete removal of the ovaries reduces the ovaries produce naturally, and makes the symptoms of early menopause. This can only happen in a few days after the operation - menopause after hysterectomy .

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