endometriosis and menopause

endometriosis and menopause . Not many women say they hope that when you start menopause and begin to treat symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings. However, for those who suffer from endometriosis and menopause thought to bring a smile of welcome. So why do these women have a very positive view of endometriosis and menopause ?

Did you know that when women reach menopause, tend to stop experiencing the symptoms of pain and often debilitating endometriosis and menopause ?

Symptoms of endometriosis and menopause can still evident after puberty. In other words, menstruation, women are more at risk of developing endometriosis.

Therefore, women are less likely to feel the painful effects of endometriosis, if they are in the menopausal years.

This version has many women accept and even entering the onset of menopause, to relieve pain associated with endometriosis and menopause .

But it is not so easy, because it has been shown that menopause is not responsible for the elimination of all symptoms of endometriosis. But more on that in a moment.

To understand why menopausal women to help overcome the symptoms of endometriosis, it helps to understand the nature of endometriosis.

The exact cause of the disease has not been determined, but the reasons for the symptoms of endometriosis even developed seems pretty clear.

The uterus contains endometrial tissue, estrogen levels in the blood are directly affected.

Each month, estrogen levels begin to rise and glands of the endometriosis and menopause , large amounts of tissue to thicken the wall layer in preparation for pregnancy. If pregnancy does not occur the lower levels of estrogen and time.

The problems start when the glands found in other parts of the body such as the kidneys, ovaries, bladder, bowel, abdominal wall, and the areas between them.

These deposits react in the same way that the line pass rush swelling and bleeding. However, it is generally not the blood and dirt to go, and this is what causes the symptoms of endometriosis, including pain unbearable.

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