Dyspareunia Menopause

  Dyspareunia Menopause One of the most difficult changes in menopausal women who have to deal with the thinning of the vaginal muscles and loss of moisture in the vaginal mucosa, resulting in dryness and therefore sex problems.

   Pain during sex is felt within the vagina, and thus may also be felt in the pelvic region, lower back, uterus and bladder Dyspareunia Menopause .

   Vaginal dryness occurs brings a sexual problem called Dyspareunia Menopause or painful intercourse. The intensity of pain varies from woman to woman and can be alleviated to some extent by the application of water-based lubricant in the vagina.

   If in case the lubricants do not work, then you have to consult your gynecologist about creams that contain estrogen or other medications that stimulate vaginal lubrication.

   However, these products will help only alleviate the problem at the time. If too dyspareunia is affecting your sex life, then it would be advisable to consult on estrogen therapy .

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