black cohosh menopause

black cohosh menopause is commonly used in many products to treat symptoms of menopause . On average , the period preceding perimenopause begins between the ages of 40 and 50 . About 50-80 percent of women will go through one or more symptoms of menopause , such as difficulty sleeping , night sweats or hot flashes.

A popular treatment is worn by women hormonal therapy , but can be an effective method for the symptoms of menopause. In general , hormone replacement therapy is useful for osteoporosis-related issues , such as reducing blood clots in the lungs and legs , and vaginal dryness . However , no studies in the literature indicates that menopausal hormone therapy based on hormone replacement can cause , especially ovarian cancer and increased risk of cancer - black cohosh menopause .

black cohosh menopause , Although the scientific evidence is not very clear , but the higher levels of estrogen can cause problems and breast tumors . After the election treatment of menopause are sought as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy . Today , the best and most effective alternative available in the market is the herbal treatment .

In general , black cohosh menopause is a plant height , which is applied in different supplements to treat menopause. Even the Native American medicine this herb is also used to treat women's problems . This unique plant is a basic ingredient in many medicines used in the United States and Europe for the treatment of symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause stages . In addition , this plant is very effective in the fight against migraine , palpitations , night sweats and mood swings . Moreover , it also helps and if the swelling and other menstrual problems .

black cohosh menopause

Recently, some reports have shown that 56% of women said that the reduction of menopausal symptoms after 4 weeks of treatment with the herbal products containing black cohosh menopause . Furthermore , after a 3-month period of treatment, the percentage of women rose to 70 satisfied. However , the results of the placebo group were only 25 % of patients less satisfied .

Since taking this herb menopause as a single substance or as an ingredient in various resources , should realize that could influence or interfere with hormonal therapies of different drugs . The reason is that this plant is played by the hormone estrogen , and studies have proven that may reduce the effectiveness of a drug and is used in chemotherapy. There are many remedies for menopause on the market containing black cohosh menopause , and have several other components and efficiency .

black cohosh menopause . There are many menopause treatments that are especially good for treating hot flashes , feeling of dryness in the vaginal area and moodiness and even migraine. The special recipe involves various herbal extracts and other ingredients useful for women's health . These products can be applied effectively multivitamin menopause and provide all the support your body .

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