menopause supplements

menopause supplements . Menopause is the most difficult period and the hard life of a woman. Usually occurs a woman who is late 40s . During menopause, the amount of female hormones produced significantly reduced. This results in many physical and mental changes in a woman's body like loss of calcium , hot flushes, dry skin , itching and osteoporosis . However, women today are more aware of this phase of his life and ready to deal . They are willing to take menopause supplements that will help fight menopause. The menopause supplements help reduce many of the symptoms of menopause and reduce the physical discomfort experienced by many women.

menopause supplements are two forms of natural and medical supplies. It is always better to take a supplement of natural menopause in the form of green vegetables. The natural ingredients also have no more side effects compared to drugs. The advantage is that the natural estrogen is not carcinogenic Unlike medical supplements that can cause cancer.

menopause supplements

Several plants like soy contain estrogen naturally. Soy contains isoflavones that can mimic estrogen and give good relief from hot flashes. Should be taken raw soy isoflavones or cooked to benefit. The best source of isoflavones is pomegranates . Red clover, dong quai and licorice are other sources of plant estrogens that form natural menopause supplements .

You can use these natural menopause supplements such as whole fruits and vegetables in the form of pills available in pharmacies. You can eat soy flour or eat bread made from soy flour . These products are now readily available on the market. Women can use these products before the onset of menopause for relief from hot flashes.

A woman can take menopause supplements in the form of hormone therapy. This treatment varies for each woman based on your medical and family history . In this menopause supplements , the woman gets estrogen and progesterone in different doses according to your need . A woman with a uterus receives both hormones while a woman who had a hysterectomy gets estrogen.

Women can take hormone replacement therapy in the form of oral medication or topical application as ointments . The dosage and frequency of medicine depends on the individual . This menopause supplements should stop when the symptoms disappear. This is because it can cause blood clots and breast cancer if taken for a long period of time.

There are a number of menopause supplements available on the market. They contain a mixture of soy and flax. Fiber is good for digestion and consume natural estrogen. Other experts recommend the use of gingko , ginseng and seaweed for the relief of menopausal symptoms .

Today, there are a variety of menopause supplements available on the market . However, since the regulation of the hormonal balance of the body must be carefully under the direction of a physician. A woman must choose menopause supplements that best suits your condition and after a thorough analysis of their side effects .

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