pregnancy in menopause

pregnancy in menopause . There are plenty of rumors about pregnancyinmenopause . Although it is known that pregnant women not in menopause, most do not know that menopause itself described as a year without a period. Spot does not matter if you are in menopause, you have 12 months, no stains or point. The period before the actual menopause has been called before the menopause, also known as perimenopause.

It is a known fact that women have difficulty getting when they are older, pregnant, everyone has heard of such a thing. You probably also noted that further complications arise when women in their forties and fifties pregnant, but with today's technology, these complications can be prevented or corrected most of the time. The fact is that they are all related to menopause - or, rather, the pre-menopausal women.

To be more precise, all the perimenopause with hormones and how they change around your body for years until menopause. In this phase of your life, your body starts producing less estrogen. Estrogen, the hormone human hormone is responsible for your brains for a number of other hormones. Many of these hormones are fundamental to menstruation and ovulation cycles - pregnancy in menopause .

The period is irregular because of the hormonal changes that occur in your body. This is done by fluctuating levels of estrogen, as estrogen levels fluctuate because the signals are transmitted to other hormones, your ovulation cycle and irregular. The point is that they do not always once a month more fruitful. A few months ago, you would have more success, and more than you less fertile. The lack of rules does not always mean that you are pregnant, but do not assume that you are no longer able to understand, so you can "accidentally" - pregnancy in menopause .

Of course, as you get older and more you get closer to menopause itself, it is difficult to conceive. I can not even fair to say that they are less likely to get pregnant. Well, this is the problem that it is very difficult to determine exactly, when you are fertile and when you do not. If you are infertile and your body stops producing eggs altogether depending on when you started going through menopause.

The process begins with women in pre-menopause and menopause, the best in the mid-forties. It is not uncommon for women to begin to relieve the symptoms of menopause in their late thirties or treat to see, on the other hand, there are women who are in their late fifties, before going through menopause. Women can still get pregnant, even if they are in their late fifties or sixties in them. However, if you start early in menopause, there is a good chance you. Unable to conceive a baby when you reach forty .

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