menopause at 35

menopause at 35 . When a woman enters menopause before age 40, it is called early menopause. The cessation of menstruation at the age of 35 years, certainly qualifies as premature menopause.

Women in early menopause are a number of factors such as disease, genetics, or surgically induced menopause, according menopause at 35 If radiotherapy and chemotherapy, can push early menopause. Some diseases require early arrival of menopause are Graves' disease, autoimmune diseases, including hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and lupus. If your mother or sister had early menopause, you are in danger.

menopause at 35. a woman must be aware that you will face when you undergo a hysterectomy or surgical menopause. The youngest, the result of this operation. The risk of osteoporosis (porous bones) increases during menopause and further increases when menopause occurs at a young age. Heart disease is also a concern - menopause at 35 .

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