bloating in menopause

bloating in menopause . In hormonal changes and decreases during menopause, the body produces excess gas and keeps fluid, causing stiffness and pain in the abdomen. During menopause, women experience these effects and chronic swelling leave feeling full, heavy and uncomfortable. In fact, the same bloating in menopause can affect your eating habits: meals that were once beautiful women are felt swollen and inflamed.

bloating in menopause . This symptom of menopause creates a feeling of "fullness" and swelling in the abdominal region due to water retention or gas accumulation.

swelling of menopause can create feelings of fullness and distension in the stomach and abdomen. Many women experience increased swelling after meals or eating salty foods levels, leaving them uncomfortable, bloated and "heavy". Swelling menopause can cause unnecessary weight gain because the body retain water and gas produced in excess. Women may also experience a decrease in appetite, belching, flatulence, abdominal pain and more complete figures due to swelling menopause - bloating in menopause .

lifestyle, such as psychological stress, obesity, poor diet and consumption of sodium hydroxide in excess, can contribute to bloating during menopause. Some women may also experience a worsening of menopause swelling due to pregnancy during menopause, or diseases such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome or other abdominal diseases.

However, for the majority of women over 40 years, bloating in menopause , and weight gain has hormonal causes. These symptoms occur in women transition from their fertile years. In particular, estrogen peaks that occur during the perimenopause swelling serve to increase the water retention is produced at a higher level in response. The decrease of estrogen can also lead to reduced production of bile, causing a lack of lubrication in the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, women can experience dry hard stool that leads to constipation which aggravates the feeling of bloating in menopause .

Hormonal flow occurring during menopause can also cause an increase in gas production in the body. In fact, between one and two thirds of menopausal women experience excess gas during menopause, causing a bloated feeling worse - bloating in menopause .

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