menopause constipation

menopause constipation .We all know that constipation is a symptom, not a disease. We also know that the symptoms of menopause causes many different scenarios as there are women. In Ayurveda, the fundamental principle is the stature of the person suffering from constipation and other symptoms of menopause to look elsewhere.

In the menopause constipation of the individual body, we can predict the reactions of this type of body will have different circumstances. For example, say three base compositions described in Ayurveda. One of them, the vata type is usually a small or thin person. In general, a type characteristic of Vata, the person may eat a lot every day, but never a problem, weight gain. Basically, the Vata type has a fast metabolism. Emotional and mental health, the person with a vata menopause constipation bless you with incredible imagination and have trouble deciding what to pay attention to everything that pays interest because. This can lead to erratic and scattered and unable to follow a healthy daily routine.

The second body menopause constipation Pitta, a woman who must build a fire using lightweight, has a strong digestive fire, has a quick wit and keen intelligence and a strong ability to concentrate.

The third body is kapha. This body type will increase by a tendency to gain weight easily, a body tends to retain water and thus tends to lethargy.

What body types are associated with menopause constipation and the average menopause?

People with vata body type are more prone to drought problems which are problems of menopause in the center of constipation. Excited behavior triggered menopause hypothalamus in turn leads to an excessive drying effect on the delicate tissues of the intestine. The drying effect is caused by changes in estrogen levels in the tissue, which is constipation.The ghee and receive Triphala remedy.

Pitta types will overheat if estrogen balance. This can lead to obstructions or loose stools. The remedy is the Avipattikar powder or tablets, which are available online at to emulate.

Kapha types tend to slow down the metabolism so that the body of toxins and "blocked" have accumulated. Kapha women should take a daily walk, drink plenty of water and take Triphala before bedtime - menopause constipation .

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